2013 Flood: Kogi Plans 15 Camps for Displaced Victims

Only those that would be housed in the fifteen designated government camps when displaced by the 2013 predicted flood would be the primary responsibility of the Kogi State Government.

The State Government also said it will not condone indiscriminate planting of camps as was experienced last year.

Kogi State Deputy Governor,Yomi Awoniyi,and Chairman flood Management Committee,stated this while on a sensitization/awareness campaign in Ofu Local Government Areas of the state.

The sensitization which also aimed at appealing to those living on flood prone areas to move to higher ground was used to also inspect areas proposed for camp sites for those that would be internally displaced if the flood comes.

The State Deputy Governor who was accompanied by Members of the Committee,said the State Government is presently concerned about having a well organize camp where internally displaced persons would be camped,said only those that will be documented and accommodated at the designated camps would be catered for by the state government.

Worried by the rising water level in the Rivers Niger and Benue now than it was last year,Awoniyi,called on the people to work towards securing an anchor for themselves on higher ground.

The advocacy the Deputy Governor said was aimed at assuring the people that the State Government cares and is proactive towards the predicted flood.

He added that aside locating suitable camps,the state will take the issue of data capturing of IDP’s,provision of schools in the camps, welfare for those that will be displaced with utmost seriousness.

In his remarks,Friday Ali,Vice Chairman Ofu Government Area who represented Isah Ameh,Chairman of the council,said his administration was ready to collaborate with the State Government towards ensuring that the area does not record losses as was experienced last year.

He disclosed that the council has set up machinery to monitor the rising water level, to sensitize the people on the anticipated flood and on the need for them to move to higher ground.

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