2015 Poll: Nigeria Needs A Mandela, Ssays Ojukwu

Nigeria should aspire toward a leader as prominent as Nelson Mandela, who helped break South Africa’s apartheid regime, the Reverend Willy Ojukwu has said.

In the face of the ongoing political party tussles ahead of polls in 2015, “The leadership I want for Nigeria is nothing but another Nelson Mandela,” said Rev. Fr. Ojukwu at the presentation of his book ‘She Spoke Six Times and Yet…’, in Abuja.

The book documents the few recorded words of Mary, mother of Jesus the Christ, and its proceeds will go to feed the hungry through the Marian Soup Kitchen, a feeding programme run by Ojukwu.

He contrasted Mary’s measured words to Nigeria’s spiralling polity.

“What is happening in the PDP is power tussle, personal ego, selfishness and unpatriotic movement to the [170] million people [of Nigeria],” Ojukwu said.

“These people fighting have lived their lives. They should leave the young people to run the Nigerian government and benefit from what God has given to this country.”

“There is nothing you can pay me to leave Nigeria. I have the opportunity to live in America and Britain till I die, but God forbid, Nigeria is my country.”

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