2015 Polls: Jide Omokore’s rice-for-vote in Yagba won’t work again: APC Chieftain

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A chieftain of the All Progressive Congress (APC) in Kogi State, Comrade David Dare Olatunde believes the rice-for-vote tactics of billionaire oil magnate, Chief Jide Omokore will not help the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) in 2015.

Comrade Dare Olatunde frowned at what he called ‘the fire brigade tactics’ of the PDP chieftain. He made the disclosure while addressing some APC chieftains in his Isanlu residence.

“It is a sin to continue to capitalize on the pervading poverty among our people. We have the resources to live a prosperous life but these moneybags trading in human destiny have continued to pauperize our people in order to be able to manipulate them with bags of rice during election”, he said.

“If they are that rich, why can’t they help us with this bad road? Why can’t they use their so-called connection to secure jobs for our youth?”, he queried.

“The resort to rice sharing to win votes is confirmation of their failure to lift our people from the deep poverty they have put us. They have brought their surrogates and boot-lickers to come and inflict more miseries on our people. Look at how F.G. Ibrahim is running Yagba East. This is their agenda to inflict suffering on our people through gross maladministration.”

“Our people are expecting their bags of rice in 2015 but they will be shocked. This 25% salary won’t continue for another four years. Their trick is up and the people will take over the governance of Kogi West in 2015″, he said.

Comrade Olatunde called on the people of Yagba to brace up for a battle in 2015, saying their destiny is in their hands.

According to him, “we have to take our destinies in our hands and defend our votes. Using our votes to secure oil wells must stop in 2015. Yagba must speak with one voice”

Source: The Banner Newspapers