2015 Polls: Media Aide, Mike Abu urges Gov Idris Wada to re-run

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A media aide to Kogi State Government, Abu Micheal, Chief Press Secretary to Kogi State Deputy Governor, Thursday, resolved to start the process of collating signatures of those expressing their support for Capt Idris Wada to run another term as governor of the state and to also mount pressure on him to declare his interest to re-contest.
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Mr Abu also urged the Kogi State Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Chairman, Alh Hassan Salawu to ensure that the party in the state adopts the governor as its candidate for the 2015 guber election as it will help in sustaining the prevailing political peace in the State.

Addressing Newsmen in Lokoja, the Media Aide described Capt Wada as a symbol of unity, change and qualitative leadership.

‘Wada values the unity, stability and orderly development of Kogi State” the media aide said.

Abu stressed that Wada’s decision to remain silent whether he will be contesting the governorship election in 2015 is raising the blood pressure of well meaning kogites, urged him to accept to run as it will ensure continuity in the laudable project already began by the administration in the state. Abu said his joining in the call for Capt Wada to re- contest for a second term, was born out of the desire to promote and sustain his developmental project, and also for the governor to continuously use his vast experiences to promote good governance in the state.

“Wada is an embodiment of hard work, knowledge and industry. He is the face of integrity and resourcefulness. He is also the best chance for the People’s Democratic Party to win the Kogi governorship election peacefully and without the usual violence associated with past elections in the state.

Abu described Capt Wada as the most suitable person to lead the state in this period of the state’s history, urged him to protect the future of generations unborn by accepting to re contest the governorship election in the state.

With the fulfillment of his Promise for good and passable roads, affordable health care, sound education, employment, industries and security, Abu said Gov. Wada would set a new standard in the development of the state with another term.

“Gov Wada will maintain a stable and peaceful state, promote social justice and protect groups that for various reasons are politically weak as exhibited in his appointment of the SSG who is from a minority section of the state among other appointments the governor made to give a sense of belonging to the minority groups who over the years have been politically marginalized.

Another reason for asking the governor to run, Abu noted is to also enable the governor embark on aggressive development of the state and to move the state forward”

Abu urged Kogites at home and abroad, to join in the call to preserve the efforts so far achieved in developing the state.

“We need a governor with exceptional qualities and proven records of service.

Gov Wada is a change agent as he has so far demonstrated and he is very determined to work for the general well-being of Kogites”.

The media aide called on the governor to declare his intention to run on 27th August 2014, describing it as the best anniversary gift Capt Wada can offer the state as it marks its 23 years of creation, he concluded.