2015 Polls: Nigeria is in safe hands under Jonathan – IBB

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Former military President, General Ibrahim Babangida, has shown his support for President Goodluck Jonathan once again, saying Nigeria is safe in the hand the president.
Babangida made this assertion yesterday in his Minna Uphill residence while playing host to President Jonathan who was in Niger State in continuation of his nationwide campaign.

According to Babangida, President Jonathan is a man who has passion for Nigeria.

“Whenever I discussed with him (Jonathan), I see a young man who has passion for Nigeria. Under Jonathan, Nigeria is in safe hand,” he stressed.

He said all the presidents that have governed the country had come to Minna for blessing and commended Jonathan for doing same.

“All presidents that this country has produced have come to Minna for blessing and today that you (Jonathan) have come, I will offer you that blessing,” Babangida stated.

He also commended the party for going on the right path as the party is devoid of religious and ethnicity. Earlier, President Jonathan described his host as a dependable pillar that has continued to ensure the stability of the country.

“As a deputy governor, you took me as a son and since I came on board as vice president till date, you have been a pillar and a charismatic leader. You have been a stabilising factor in this country in many ways.

“You are not like some other past leaders. We pray for long life for you so that you can continue to mentor the leaders of country and you give rightful direction to us”.

The president later went into a closed door meeting with his host and some chieftains of the party in his entourage.

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