2015: Pray for Nigeria, Oshiomhole tells Christian leaders

Governor Adams Oshiomhole has charged the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN to speak out against the ills of the society, stand on the path of truth and pray for the nation as we approach 2015.
The Governor made the appeal yesterday when the National Executive members of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), led by its General-Secretary, Rev Musa Asake, representing the CAN President, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor paid him a courtesy visit at the Government House in Benin City

The Governor said, “for me, Nigeria is treading the ground that might threaten the foundation of our existence. So I want CAN having shown courage, having spoken out even in the days of military dictatorship, now in a democracy, we need more of that courage.

“Things happening around, for me, represent very dangerous signals. There are people who do not wish the country well and unfortunately there are men and women who cannot claim to have a future and messing up the future for everybody else. It is the lot of the Christian community to speak out where it matters, so that those who are deaf can listen and those who are blind may have their sight restored so that together we will build a nation that is God fearing and where the people will benefit from the resources that God so generously endowed us with,” he noted.

The Governor said “we need a lot of activism as we approach 2015, that a nation is not like a private enterprise, that only the people are permanent, leaders will necessary come and go and that is the promise of democracy, we need you to help all of us. Right now many of us are worried about the goings on in the country, I cannot carry protest now because I will be misunderstood and my heart is in the mood of protesting, so that my own children will not inherit the iniquities of the evil we see every day.”

He urged Christians to continue to pray for the continued existence of the nation, saying “it is the prayers of our Christian brothers and Muslim brothers that keep Nigeria going”, noting that “we are in very challenging times and we are buffeted with a good number of elite entrusted with state powers at various levels privatising those powers and behaving as if they are gods and dealing ruthlessly with those who are powerless and applying the resources in a manner that is offensive to the poor”, he added

Earlier, the General Secretary of the Christian Association of Nigeria, Rev. Asake representing the President, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor expressed joy at the achievements of the governor in the delivering to the people of the state.

“We in the CAN are happy with what you are doing in Edo State, our men and women continue to give us pleasant reports of you great support for the church and your delivery of democracy dividends and people oriented projects in Educatiion, Health, youth empowerment and infrastructural development.

“We have come to thank you and pray for you for the good work you are doing. God who brought you here will never let you down,” he added.

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