2015: Prof Yakubu Berate Poor Growth in Ebiraland, Wants Ebira Governor in 2015

The Former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Abuja and now the Vice-Chancellor of Sokoto State University, Prof. Nuhu Yakubu, has called on Ebira people in Kogi State to contest the 2015 governorship seat after disturbed by the spate of underdevelopment in Ebira land.

Yakubu made this call while speaking as chairman of a forum organised by the Ebira Renaissance Group, ERG, as part of efforts to bring about cultural and moral revival in Ebira land that is currently pervaded by politics of bitterness and hatred.

The university administrator said the period between 2005 and 2011 has been described as the darkest period in the history of Ebira land, where violence became the order of the day as youths were engaged as political thugs by the self seeking politicians.

He said following the monopolistic tendencies of the Igala people in the state, Ebira politicians should not accept any second fiddle role. He said Ebira people will not adopt violence to prosecute this noble objective this time around, calling on the people to support politicians from the western senatorial district for the governorship seat.

Yakubu said though politics was rancorous in the 1960s, where belonging to a political party was a major problem in the land, he said it never escalated to what happened between 2005 and 2011, when killing, arson and destruction of property, became other of the day.

He, however, lauded the Ebira Renaissance Group for taking the bull by the horns, wanting to re orientate the youths in Ebiraland about the core values of the spirit of love and communality and bring sanity to Ebira politics.

The vice-chancellor also admitted that education was also not given the pride of place it used to enjoy, blaming politicians for the current state of education in the land. He said when politicians engage youths as thugs and give them money, their thinking would be that there was money in politics.

Earlier in his address, the Coordinator of Ebira Renaissance Group, Pastor Suleiman Joseph, said the group was out to bring revival to Ebiraland against the backdrop of politics of self-destruction brought into politics in the area.

Joseph added that the mission of the ERG is to ignite the fire of moral revolution through political education and value reorientation, noting that the group shall interface with stakeholders in the Ebira project for purposeful and mutually rewarding outcome.