2018 Youth Olympics Games: ‘Eschew Drugs’ – Adesola urges Nigeria athletes & coaches


The Federal Government through the Ministry of Youth and Sports has encouraged the Nigerian Sport ambassadors, athletes and coaches alike to compete in the 2018 Youth Olympics Games coming up in Argentina in the coming days to play free and clean of doping.

The Permanent Secretary of the FMY&SD, Mr. Olusade Adesola said this while addressing the athletes who have been training in the Abuja camp. He said the way to glory in sport is through hard work and dedicated training. Doping is not a justifiable means and must never be an option to winning.

Speaking furthermore, the Permanent Secretary, who was represented by the Director of Planning Monitoring and Information, Mrs. Hauwa Kulu Akinyemi strongly admonished the Nigerian Sport ambassadors to say “NO ” to doping and play true and win true. This he said is more rewarding and more honourable. Adesola also said it is important to stress that coaches must take their anti-doping responsibilities to athletes seriously and that the sanctions in accordance with the World Anti-Doping Code are equally severe on coaches who are found wanting in the anti-doping responsibilities. The government, he said has resolved to bring to bear the full weight of these sanctions.

He bade them farewell with a reminder that ” As you go to This Youth Games, remember that you are carrying with you the expections of the Nation and your families, not just to succeed in your events by to represent them all.

Earlier, the Head of Anti-Doping in the Ministry, Me Fadeke Fadeyibi in her overview said anti-Doping information and education session is animal and cardinal requirement to ensure that athletes and coaches are well informed on the basics of anti-doping in sports and cannot, therefore, be excused for any act that will result in the violation of an anti-doping rule at the games.

Anti-Doping guarantees fair play and preserves the “Spirit of Sports” which among others are Ethics, Fair play, Honesty, Health, Excellence in performance, character, education and respect for self and other participants.
Doping is Cheating, it is unethical, it is contrary to the Spirit of Sports and is dangerous to the health of athletes. Doping must not be allowed in sports in Nigeria.