2023 Presidential Election Results By Geo- Political Zones

Kindly checkout the 2023 election results by geo-political regions.

In the North West: Tinubu scored 2,653,235, Atiku scored, 2,329,802, Obi scored. 350,188

In the South West: Tinubu scored 2,279,407, Atiku scored. 941,941, Obi scored. 846,478

In the South East: Tinubu scored. 127,605, Atiku scored 91198, Obi scored. 1,960,589

In the South-south: Tinubu scored. 799,957, Atiku scored, 719,908, Obi scored. 1,210,673

In the North East: Tinubu
scored 1,185,458,Atiku scored 1,741,851,Obi scored 315,108

In the North central: Tinubu scored 1,670,091, Atiku scored. 1,087,884, Obi scored 1,133,840

The president-elect won the plurality of votes in the NW, NC, and SW

Tinubu was second in votes scored in SE, SS, and NE.

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