54th Independence Day: ‘Nigerians have reasons to celebrate’, says Abatemi-Usman

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The Senator representing Kogi Central Senatorial District, Nurudeen Abatemi-Usman, has said that Nigerians have reasons to celebrate the country’s 54 years of independence, having lived together as a people in spite of the problems that have confronted the nation.

Abatemi-Usman said in a statement that though bad leadership and corruption may have been responsible for the country’s economic woes, the PDP government led by President Goodluck Jonathan, would continue to work hard to change the situation for the good of the entire citizenry.

He said: “I congratulate the entire citizens of Nigeria on the celebration of our 54th independence anniversary. Things may not have been rosy as they ought to be for us as a people after 54 years of self-governance, but I think there is hope that we will get to the promised land.

“Some have said that we do not have any reason to celebrate. But I must say that we have reasons to celebrate: that we have remained a one united and indivisible country all these years, despite the numerous challenges that have confronted us.”

While calling on Nigerians to continue to live in peace with one another, the senator assured that things would definitely get well with the nation.

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