Access Bank Lagos City Marathon: Twitter Reacts on Kenyans’ total domination


Kenyans fully dominated the inaugural Lagos marathon held in Lagos Nigeria. 5 Kenyans were in the top 10 finalists list. Abraham Kipton emerged as the winner ahead of another Kenyan Hosea Kipkembe.

The champions – Male category

1) Abraham Kipton – Kenya
2) Kipkeobi Hosea – Kenya
3) Debebe Tolosa – Eth#RunLagos

— Access Bank Plc (@myaccessbank) February 6, 2016

The 1st 10 runners are from Kenya & Ethiopia.

4) Joshua Kip Korir (Kenya)
5) Sintayehu Lesgese (Eth)
6) Solomon Deksisa (Eth)#RunLagos

— Access Bank Plc (@myaccessbank) February 6, 2016

7) Peter Kiptoo (Kenya)
8) Ketem Negasa (Eth)
9) Abere Belay (Eth)
10) Amos Koech (Kenya)#RunLagos #AccessLagosCityMarathon

— Access Bank Plc (@myaccessbank) February 6, 2016

The win gave Nigerians a glimpse of Kenyans prowess in marathons. It also led to Nigerians taking to Twitter to complain and make fun of the total domination of the marathon by Kenyans.

Why are they even allowing professional athletes participate in this Lagos marathon. Just spoilt the whole thing for someone

— Kels (@Kaycee53) February 5, 2016

If All These People Going for #LagosMarathon should Sight 3 Kenyans or Ethiopians,They will Go back to Their Houses.

— JAGABAN (@UNCLE_AJALA) February 6, 2016

When Kenyans In Nigeria Heard That the Winner of the #LagosMarathon Will Win N1M.

— JAGABAN (@UNCLE_AJALA) February 6, 2016

When Nigerians that are Dreaming of Winning #LagosMarathon Heard that Kenyans & Ethiopians will Partake In It.

— JAGABAN (@UNCLE_AJALA) February 6, 2016

The 2hrs+ you spend in 3MB traffic is the same 2hrs+ Kenyans are using at #LagosMarathon from mainland to island

— Blessing Abeng (@Ms_Einsteinette) February 6, 2016

Kenyans have finished running the #LagosMarathon but we will not finish our coverage until Nigerians get across the half way line!

— JJ. Omojuwa (@Omojuwa) February 6, 2016

A Kenyan came 1st. The 1st Nigerian came 7th. 7 is the number of perfection. Who came 1st? #LagosMarathon

— JJ. Omojuwa (@Omojuwa) February 6, 2016

The only way this could have been fair is if Kenyans and Ethiopians started their race from Ibadan. ? #LagosMarathon

— Bimbola (@bimbolababs) February 6, 2016

When u’ve pursued a cheetah or escaped a charging Lion, then u can come and claim 1st position. Till then, d Kenyans av it. #LagosMarathon

— Seun Nuės (@daemperor007) February 6, 2016

Congratulations to Kenya! They know what they do best, they are focused on getting better at what they already do best! #LagosMarathon

— JJ. Omojuwa (@Omojuwa) February 6, 2016

Congratulations to Kenya’s Abraham Kator! A fellow African won the #LagosMarathon ! Yayyyyy. LOL

— JJ. Omojuwa (@Omojuwa) February 6, 2016

Even if the Kenyans are walking???My people, you can not meet up???#LagosMarathon

— Kemi Ariyo (@d_problemsolver) February 6, 2016

Someone has already won the prize and I’m still on 3rd mainland bridge #LagosMarathon

— ♡Amaka Okeke♡ (@mz_elsie) February 6, 2016

It took the Kenyan winner less time to run from Surulere to VI than it takes Naija vehicles to complete Third Mainland Bridge #LagosMarathon

— JJ. Omojuwa (@Omojuwa) February 6, 2016

While some were turning around on their beds deciding whether to get up or not, Abraham Kipton had finished the #lagosMarathon & won N9m!

— Babs Akinloye (@blinx4real) February 6, 2016

How can u expect me to run in the #LagosMarathon when mercenaries don dey involved, abeg na who allow dose Kenyans join.. See oppression

— Happy Birthday Mom (@AsistantBoyfrnd) February 6, 2016

Why wont a Kenyan win when they’re living with wild animals. U know how many times they run in the jungle. #LagosMarathon

— The Viral Trend. (@Viral_Trend) February 6, 2016

#LagosMarathon I see that the winner gets $50,000 only. No wonder more Nigerians prefer to run for election.

— Dr. Njakiri Damages (@DrDamages) February 6, 2016

When the Kenyans Storm Naija to collect the prize money. $50,000 ain’t no joke.? #LagosMarathon #LagosCityMarathon

— Aduksy™ (@aduksybabiE) February 6, 2016

Abraham Kipton has won #LagosMarathon not even in the top 100 best marathoners in Kenya. We just graced the event, we were not participants!

— OwidiGodfrey (@OwidiGodfrey) February 6, 2016

@toluogunlesi seriously, why didn’t #LagosMarathon just wire the prize $ to kenya last wk? kenyans can start in Ore & still win. is not fair

— Eghosa Omoigui (@EghosaO) February 6, 2016

Wait, a Kenyan came first in #LagosMarathon? This is how it starts, before you know it they’ll be contesting for president too.

— Diamond-Hope (@Ms_DHK) February 6, 2016

My sister said it’s unfair allowing Kenya to participate in the #LagosMarathon.

We become god, knowing the end from the beginning.

— Emmanuel Chidiogo (@Empexy) February 6, 2016

Abraham Kipton who won #LagosMarathon is not even in the top 100 best marathoners in Kenya.

— Ebuka Akara (@ebuka_akara) February 6, 2016

No o. The Kenyans started from Kenya. Others started from their houses.

“@PinkRubbiez: Wait is there a starting point? #LagosMarathon”

— Banjo Rilwan Olayemi (@robbieyhemo) February 6, 2016

You people really expected those East Africans to run all the way to Lagos and not win the marathon? You guys are jokers.

— Mark Amaza (@amasonic) February 6, 2016

I knew it wasn’t a Nigerian that would win…not cos I’m pessimistic or anything but this Kenyans can run in their sleep! #LagosMarathon

— IG: @hrp_endowed (@larmie_lamlam) February 6, 2016

Some Kenyans also joined the fray to make fun of the Nigerians

Yani the #LagosMarathon they had to create a separate prize category for the 1st Nigerian to cross the line. Dude came 7th. Kenyans!! ???

— igiriwM@ (@Mwirigi) February 6, 2016

I’m glad we won the #LagosMarathon as revenge for all those scam emails from Nigerian princes who never gave me back my money

— Dee (@Dee_spicable) February 6, 2016

I am very happy a Kenyan won that #LagosMarathon. Let them feel the pain we feel when our air waves is full of their music & crap movies ??

— Derrican™ (@Derrican) February 6, 2016

If only Nigerians knew we sent them 486th team to represent us in #LagosMarathon they won’t be complaining this much..No one knows Kipton

— Kiptoyot (@pkarnet) February 6, 2016

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