Adamawa PDP, Acting Governor Fintiti at logger-head over aides’ appointments

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All is not well between the Acting Governor of Adamawa State and the big-wigs of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in the state.
Adamawa Murtala-Nyako

The reason is not far-fetched as Fintiti, who assumed office in acting capacity three weeks ago, is reported to be over-reaching himself in the discharge of his duties, thus earning the wrath of those who brought him on board.

Competent PDP sources in Yola and Abuja confirmed to Vanguard last night that Fintiri had overstepped his bounds by appointing commissioners and 50 special assistants as well as a Secretary to the State Government against the advice of the party.

A chieftain of the party in the state complained that most of the actions taken by the governor were against the decisions of the party, which now felt threatened by his unilateral decisions.

“We are worried that an acting governor, who should be working hard to put things right, as we demanded, is seriously working towards appointing his own commissioners and special advisers,” a party big-wig said on Sunday.

“If we may ask, what are the commissioners and special advisers going to do in three months that they are supposed to stay in office before an election is conducted to bring in a governor as stipulated by the Constitution?” the party official queried.