Airtel, Journalism Clinic Bring UK’s Dan Mason To Train 100 Journalists in Digital Reporting


Telcom giant, Airtel Nigeria is sponsoring 100 persons to a training in data and digital reporting, to be facilitated by Lagos-based media training outfit, The Journalism Clinic.

“The training is open to full-time and freelance journalists, practicing in Nigeria, but we will not disregard applications by interested bloggers, who, like the journalists, must show sufficient cause why they should be considered for either of the modules,” says Taiwo Obe, founder of the clinic.

The trainings will hold in Lagos (August 21-25) and Kaduna (Aug. 28-Sept. 1), and interested journalists can apply for either (i) Multimedia Storytelling or (ii) Data Journalism.

“No one person will attend the two, while preference would also be given to those who had not benefited from the previous digital journalism training sponsored by Airtel,” Obe says, adding that both streams will be facilitated by internationally-acclaimed digital journalism trainer, Dan Mason.

Mason was in Nigeria in 2015 to train the first set of 100 Nigerian journalists for the #AirtelChangeYourStory multimedia storytelling training in Lagos, Ibadan, Abuja and Enugu, also organized by The Journalism Clinic.

“We strongly believe that the more our journalists are equipped, the better for our society,” Airtel Managing Director/CEO Mr Segun Ogunsanya stated, on his company’s rationale for the sponsorship.

How to Apply

Detailed information will be on The Journalism Clinic’s Facebook page and twitter handle (@Clinic4Journos); or you could email:

Some feedback from 2015

Beneficiaries of the 2015 workshops, who cut across print, electronic and online media, admitted to picking up a great deal of useful knowledge about how to enhance their reporting, especially with regards to using a wide range tools available for free online.

“This training has opened up a whole new vista for me as a broadcast journalist, Now, I can do all things using the internet.” –Victorson Agbenson

“The Airtel training has been an amazing experience. There are things I see on TV and films that I wonder how they are done. I have learnt the tools to actually do same myself.”– Malaika Bowei

“One important thing I learnt from the Airtel Change Your Story training is the ability to combine different tools to produce an all-encompassing multimedia story.” — Mohammed Lere

“Airtel Change Your Story has been an opportunity to bring Nigerian journalists up to speed about multimedia reporting.” –Paul Ezeoke

“I have always been reluctant about social media and new technology; but participating in the training has given me the consciousness that I need to embrace these tools in order to succeed as a journalist.”–Ladi Opaluwa

“It has afforded me the opportunity to break out of the shell of traditional journalism, to the extent that I can now practice as a multimedia journalist.”–Ebenezer Adurokoya

“The training has catapulted me from the realm of desktop journalism to taking advantage of opportunities on social media and online.”–Owede Agbaji

“The Airtel Change Your Story class has helped me to take charge of my career.”–Abdulwasiu Hassan

“It has been an engaging week that has opened new vistas for me. I have learned new ways to deliver strong and impactful multimedia content.” — Ibanga Isine

“I can’t help but use the term ‘superlative’ to describe my experience at the Airtel Change Your Story training. Before now I never gave much thought to multimedia journalism; but now I do. I have access to new tools and I have learned how to deploy them to create multimedia stories. More so, it has added value to me as a journalism educator.” Chudi Anyianuka

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