#AirtelChangeYourStory: 100 learns multimedia journalism in 4 cities, 4 weeks

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It is remarkable to know that Airtel Nigeria will be providing a shoulder for the next Journalism Clinic “Change Your Story” training, for 100 Journalists…to keep their dreams alive. Thank you Airtel!
Airtel story

AIRTEL CHANGE YOUR STORY is helping Nigerian journalists to supercharge their stories for the digital age. Powered by Airtel, Nigeria’s leading mobile operator, it’s on the road from July 27.

Why Change Your Story?

You and your team need mobile, multimedia and social media skills to ride the digital wave. In just a few days, the Change Your Story programme will help you learn the tools and techniques you need to reach your audience in new, powerful ways.

If you are a publisher or editor, you NEED your top team to be represented. If you are a staff or freelance journalist, find out below how YOU can be one of the 100 new multimedia journalists.

What … it’s FREE? How come?

Thanks to the generous support of Airtel, Nigeria’s leading mobile operator, participation in Change Your Story is FREE! Journalists from across Nigerian media are being specially selected and places are limited to 25 in each city: Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan and Enugu.

What will I learn?

Over five action-packed days, you will learn how to approach, plan and create multimedia stories that shout ‘share me!’ on social media.

You’ll master multimedia tools that are effective, free and easy to grasp. The learning is fast-paced and interactive, geared to the experience of participants.

You’ll dive into mobile video and audio, create charts, maps, timelines, polls, interactive images and harness the power of social media to connect with your community and command authority. Mobiles and social media are at the heart of the programme.

I want in! How do I join?
Here are the Change Your Story cities and dates:

Lagos July 27/31
Ibadan August 3/7
Abuja August 10/14
Enugu August 17/21
Publishers, editors, journalists from print, broadcast and online media … this is for YOU! Don’t miss the opportunity to access top-class training and help Change Your Story. Get in touch TODAY …

Email Taiwo Obe at The Journalism Clinic: founder@thejournalismclinic.com

What’s the story behind Change Your Story?

This innovative programme builds on the success of the Change Your Story workshops in Lagos during March, 2105. The concept was developed in partnership by Dan Mason and Taiwo Obe, Commonwealth Fellow, respected journalist and founder The Journalism Clinic. The Journalism Clinic is dedicated to raising the next generation of first-rate journalists and content providers in Nigeria.

The training is designed and delivered by international trainer Dan Mason, with content that has been tried and tested — and constantly updated — during workshops in countries including Zimbabwe, Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Kenya, Sri Lanka, China, Iraq, Georgia, Qatar, Dubai, Malawi and elsewhere.

Dan is simply amazing. If all tutors were like him, our country would indeed be a better place. Ese Aluko — Journalist and Change Your Story participant.

Thank You Airtel, sponsors of Change Your story
The mission to train 100 new multimedia journalists for Nigeria — who will take back their skills and experience to newsroom in key Nigerian cities — has been made possible with the fantastic support of Airtel, Nigeria’s leading mobile operator.

According to the Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director, Airtel Nigeria, Segun Ogunsanya, the initiative is a glowing testimony of the company’s commitment to creating empowerment platforms that will enrich the lives of all its critical stakeholders including the media:

“The epic growth of smart phones and social media has turned news upside-down. To stay ahead, journalists need to create compelling stories which would not only be shared on social but also easily accessible on mobile devices.

“It is our delight to support journalists in Nigeria to perform optimally in this mobile age. Media audiences will also get better engaged while media owners should expect increased traffic to their platforms.

It’s a win-win for everyone.”

Will YOU be one of the 100? The Change Your Story journey starts here … Get in touch TODAY …

Email Taiwo Obe at The Journalism Clinic: founder@thejournalismclinic.com

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