An Open Letter To Super Eagles Gaffer Stephen Okechukwu Keshi …..Written By Barrister Amobi Ezeaku

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Compliments of the season Sir and hope you enjoyed spending this awesome season in the national camp all in service of Nigeria (a Great Nation)?

This is Nigeria’s season of letters but the writer of this letter isn’t writing from the realm of darkness but of love, victory, fanship, sportmanship. The writer of this letter is a son, a fan and one who knows sooner or later would work with you.

I’m really sorry this letter is coming a bit late but its better late than never an adage said.

The Holy Book in 1st Corinthians 13:11 succintly says: ” when I was a child, my speech, feelings, and thinking were all those of a child; now that I’ve grown up, I’ve no more use for childish ways”. Now that I’ve grown up and still relish the 1994 experience it gives me joy to write my first letter to a hero, big boss and father to us (footballers).

I watched via the screen in Bwari, Abuja while you made the nation proud on Mandela’s ( of Blessed Memory) home soil. You lifted the coveted African trophy out of sheer brilliance and tactical ingenuity. We were few that actually believed in you after that first game against Burkina-Faso but I kept believing until the final day when Mr. Vincent Enyeama had to carry the referee on his head. A JOB WELL DONE BIG BOSS!!!

Again while at Brazil for Confederations cup I topped my level of love for the team you head because I always told my friends the Big Boss would run down Spain, Uruguay and any team we met at that tourney. It almost happened but for some unforeseen circumstances. Thanks for using Mikel (a friend) to teach the Spaniards a midfield lesson.

Now, the African Championship Tournament (CHAN) is around the corner. Again, critics (I’m surprised you’ve still got them) would pray for things to say to the Big Boss. And once again, I will also and always scream my head out in support of Hardwork, Discipline, Patriotism and Sportmanship. My AFCON support and experience at least is enough reasons to do that.

Sir, South Africa has always been and is a very fertile soil for you and Nigeria. That’s why I’m not a bit scared but hopeful you shall conquer the Land of Mzansi when CHAN starts.

I know its your CHAN debut and I know also you always surprise those critics with a trophy. When the CHAN trophy comes and when you alight from the plane I hope to have a photoshot with you and the trophy.

I hope to again boast of this National Hero that led the Super Eagles to claim Nigeria’s third continental crown with a hard-fought 1-0 win over Burkina-Faso at the FNB stadium on February 10 2013.

The world outside the National Stadium and the Team B camp is always cold for me. They tell me all the time that you do not have a team. I smile at them and throw back their ignorance at them.

I wonder why they would say a BIG BOSS that parades – Chigozie Agbim, Dan Akpeyi and my hero Dele – Rabiu Ali, fit Ugonna Uzochukwu, Ejike Uzoenyi, Sunday Chinedu, Gambo Mohammed, Christian Obiozor, Azubuike Egwuekwe, Umar Zango, Benjamin Francis and Solomon Kwambe does not have a team.

A BIG BOSS with a Mercurial Ikenna Paul who’s a nightmare to attackers and a goal-getter can get all he wishes. Mfon Udoh, Oghenekaro Etebo and Ifeanyi Edeh are Arsenals in the artillery of the BIG BOSS and still critics believe you don’t have a team.

Dear, BIG BOSS I know what’s before u (us) isn’t an infinitesimal task but again I arise in trust of your dexterity, tactical brilliance and will to always excel in the midst of thorns.

I know this letter may be misinterpreted as a “love” letter but any interpretation given may not pierce my heart because victory is on my mind and nothing short of that.

Its really a thing of joy to pen down this letter to you a Hero and thanks quickly for sticking to that 4-3-3 formation and being its strong proponent in Africa. When you come back with the CHAN trophy the only thing would be to conquer Brazil in the mundial tourney. Again I echo: YES!!! We Can!

Sir, human beings are nothing but instruments in the Almighty’s manus- an unknown and unforeseen power and He alone controls our will and way of life and the only seeming independence we’ve over this power is to choose the kind of purpose for which we would live. THANK YOU FOR CHOOSING VICTORY AND SUCCESS. Thanks for bringing back the Sun to us. You’re a true warrior. A warrior of light. You’ve indeed not loved the Nation in words but in Action and Truth and you remain my hero.

As you depart for the CHAN campaign on 7th January, I know its all victory songs. I know again my support shall yield fruits. Positive fruits.

Please extend my warmest greetings to all in CHAN camp and I wish you a Happy New Year in Advance.


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