Anglican Bishop blames past leaders for Nigeria’s present crisis

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The Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Ijumu, Right Reverend Ezekiel Ikupolati has blamed past leaders for the present challenges of insecurity, kidnapping, corruption and economic crisis facing the country.

“Government after government, regime after regime have sBuhariomersaulted and nose-dived into sin, and we are living in slavery in our fathers’ land”

Right Reverend Ikupolati said this in a charge at the second session of the second synod of the diocese held at Iyara Ijumu Local government area.

According to him, a country that is fool at forty is a fool always, unless something is urgently done.

He expressed concern over the present challenges bedevilling the country, stressing the need for Nigerians to return back to God to salvage the country.

“Politics and politicians save Nigeria. America or any part of Europe cannot save us. Manifestos and campaign promises is a far cry. We need Jesus, the life changer to change our country” he said.

He noted that political religious leaders are now on the increase in the country who have neglected the truth of the word of God.

The Bishop explained that politicians, business magnates, police, armed forces and civil servants that must hear the word of God.

He called on Nigerians to rise up and pray and as well do the right thing to restore the Country’s lost glory.

He expressed worry over the continous marginalization in Kogi State.

The theme of the synod is ” Dry Bones shall rise again” Ezekiel 37:1