Anxiety As Football Legend , Pele is moved To ” End-Of-Life Care ” Ward

Anxiety as Football legend Pele ‘is moved to end-of-life care’ ward in the hospital, as his body is no longer responding to chemotherapy in the fight against bowel cancer.

Reports from Brazil indicated that the 82-year-old legend, who went into hospital last week, is receiving measures to relieve pain at Albert Einstein Hospital in Sao Paulo.

He was admitted to the hospital last Tuesday after suffering from ‘general swelling’ and ‘heart failure.’

An update on December 1 had said the football icon was in a ‘stable’ condition in the hospital with his daughter Kely insisting there was ‘no cause for alarm.’

However, a report by Folha de Sao Paulo on Saturday, said “Pele is not responding any longer to the chemotherapy treatment he has been undergoing since last September to treat his bowel cancer”.

Palliative care is for patients with potentially life-threatening diseases or conditions. (Daily Mail)

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