APC leader in Edo denies dumping party

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A leader of the All Progressive Congress in Edo State, Elder Patrick Igbinaken has denied resigning from the party, saying he was deceived to attend a meeting where he and some others purportedly resigned his membership of the party.
Speaking with reporters yesterday, Elder Igbinaken, Chairman of the defunct CAN in Ovia North East Local Government Area said as a founding member of the APC, nothing could make him desert a house he helped to build.

According to him “I am one of the founders of the party, so I cannot see myself leaving the party. I am fully with APC, we are doing things collectively, we don’t force people, and we don’t impose things on on our members.

“I will advice the leaders to look to the people at the grassroots to support them, help them because the grassroots are the people fighting for the party, not the people at the top. We need some support from the leaders to the people so that we can live together.

He noted “my purported resignation from the APC was not intentional. It was due to grievances. The meeting we attended was not for resignation. It was not what we bargained for. It was when we got there that they said resign, resign. I am still part of APC. The meeting I attended was by mistake.

“I thought it was a meeting of all the members of the APC. I am backing out of that meeting. I am fully with APC. I told all my supporters who were aggrieved, so I am begging them to come back, there is no problem anymore”, he added.

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