Atiku warns Jonathan against “turning Nigerian into Banana Republic”

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Atiku Abubakar, a former Vice President has admonished the President Goodluck Jonathan-led government against turning the country into a police state.
Atiku stated this yesterday when some All Progressives Congress (APC) governors were refused entry into Ekiti state to attend the campaign rally of Governor Kayode Fayemi.

According to reports, the Turaki Adamawa noted that the action of the federal government in restricting the governors of Kano, Rivers and Edo from attending the APC governorship campaign rally in Ado-Ekiti, is capable of turning Nigeria into a Banana Republic where fundamental rights of citizens are trampled upon with impunity.

Abubakar also stated that the federal government has turned the military and police against law abiding Nigerians “the government must stop instigating state security agents paid from tax payers money against helpless, hapless and law abiding Nigerians” he said.

The APC top chieftain who promised at the party’s recent national convention that he would lead the vanguard to unseat the Jonathan administration he described as inept and incompetent, enjoined “our gallant military men should remain focused on securing and protecting the territorial integrity of our great nation, especially in this time of terror attacks and insurgency across the country.”

Atiku also reminded Nigerians “a government that deprives its citizens from access to jobs and education as manifested by the on-going closure of some tertiary institutions, such as polytechnics, to be shut for nearly a year, has alienated itself from the masses and will definitely suffer the repercussion at the polls, use of force or not.”

He stressed that the only viable alternative to the PDP-led government is the APC, which he said, “is a prescription for socio-political peace, progress, equity, security, unity and national development.”