Attacked Photojournalist, Okanyi Appreciates Social Media Intervention

A Kogi-based photojournalist, Mr. Okanyi Enemali has expressed his gratitude to God and fellow Nigerians who fought for him on the social media to ensure the safety of his life and eventual release by men of the Nigerian Police force.

Enemali had attempted to take pictures of policemen collecting bribe by the roadside along Specialist Hospital in Lokoja, Kogi State when he ran into trouble waters as the policemen discovered his intent and reportedly man-handled him.

The incident happened on Friday, 13th December, 2013.

According to Enemali, “in the cause of taking the panoramic shoot, I caught the police man in the art. His other police colleagues never like what they saw they decided to speak in Hausa and painted me Boko Haram suspect arrested from ANYIGBA. Unknown to them, I understand and speak Hausa.

“On hearing their radio conversation, calling their station, I jumped out of their Hilux Van, but they descended on me bent on taking me to their station. It was God that saved me”, he said.

“Thank you so much, I appreciate your reports on the social media. It set fire on the police from all angles.

“As I speak, they have given me my property, my lawyer and many others lawyers came to my aid. And I am back to work. I love you all”

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