Bayelsa Queens protest unpaid two-month salaries

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Nigeria Women Premier League side, Bayelsa Queens are planning to embark on a strike as reports suggest that players and coaches of Bayelsa Queens of the club are being owed a backlog of two months salaries by the club management.

Nigeria Women Football League
Nigeria Women Football League

Speaking with reporters after the team’s 2-0 win over Sunshine Queens at the Krisdera Stadium on Saturday, majority of the players expressed bitterness at the treatment they have been subjected to since the season started.

Some of the girls have resorted to borrowing in order to survive. This trend has adversely affected the team’s performance in the League. Their win over Sunshine Queens is the first for them in the last five games.

“Most of us are bread winners in our families. We have been subjected to a lot of sufferings and humiliation as we cannot afford to pay some bills and even cater for our needs, said one of the players who pleaded anonymity.

“Our landlords are threatening to close our houses at our various destinations. We are forced to borrow to feed our families,” another key player of the team said.

“Our coaches are the hope we have as they tell us to always give our best despite the shortcomings. We are not happy and might move to clubs ready to cater for our needs,” said another group of girls.

Efforts to speak to the management of the club to get their own side of the story have proved difficult as members of the management have refused to comment.

Non-payment of players is an issue that has become common the Women League. Two seasons ago, Delta Queens played the whole season before they got their salaries and allowances. Last season, it was revealed that FCT Queens were owed 18 months salary and Bayelsa Queens players also worked without pay for months.