Benin unveils plans for Centenary Celebration of Oba Ovonramwen

Agbonifo Obaseki
The Benin Kingdom yesterday unveiled plan for the celebration of the one time Oba of Benin and grandfather to the present monarch, Oba Ovonramwen N’Ogbaisi who died in 1914.

The planned celebration was unveiled at the palace of the Benin monarch, with a special commemorative fabric to mark the 100 years celebration of Ovonramwen who died in Calabar in 1914.

The centenary celebration which is been championed by Dr Solomon Edebiri and his NGO, Centre for Change, would kick start on January 13 and ends on January 18, 2014.

Speaking adams oshiomole edoduring the unveiling, Edebiri said it was met to honour the greatness of the late monarch who died while on exile in Calabar.

He also stressed that the celebration would lift the image of the kingdom, by showcasing its culture, traditions and values.

According to Edebiri, “The unveiling is marked the beginning of the expected centenary celebration of Oba Ovonramwem N’ Ogbaisi who reigned from 1888 to 1914.

”It is our belief that all men and women irrespective of your standing must learn to celebrate our heroes living or dead.

“You cannot agree less that Oba Ovonramwen N’Ogbaisi was a great hero of the kingdom and respected all over the world having shown great courage, patriotism and commitment to our heritage.

”Today, as we commence the journey for this great celebration, let us renew our minds, hearts and commitment to the development of this great land – the Benin nation.
“There is so much about this great kingdom to be proud of and I urge you to explore the inspiration presented by our departed and living heroes like Oba Ovonramwen, Oba Erediauwa and lots of other to show the world the pride of the Benin sons and daughters.

”The unveiling of this fabric today is aprt of the exhibition of this pride as you carry the emblem of this great hero.

Earlier, the Benin Monarch, Oba Erediauwa had commended Edebriri on his effort at remembering the contributions of Oba Ovonramwen, not just to the Benin’s but the country as a whole.

He also commended Edebiri for promoting the culture for the people and promised full cooperation of the palace towards success of the celebration in 2014.

The theme of the celebration is tagged, “Our Heritage, our Culture.”