Benola moves to eliminate abuse, neglect, Fetes Children

Benola, a Cerebral Palsy Initiative on Thursday promised to work with government agencies, key players in the private sector and educationists to address the complexities surrounding abuse and neglect of cerebral palsy and other developmental disabilities.

In a statement issued in Lagos by its Founder, Air Vice-Marshal Femi Gbadebo (Rtd), the organization said it would ensure that individuals with cerebral palsy and other development disabilities in Nigeria have
access to a better quality of life including programmes that will help them achieve their individual goals.

“Benola will defend the rights of individuals with intellectual and development, ensure that such individuals achieve full social inclusion and equality and advocate for further human service supports
in education and employment for those living with limitations.”

Shedding light on the organization’s advocacy campaign, new advances in cerebral palsy management, Benola’s planned Roadmap for cerebral palsy in Nigeria, Christmas celebration and others, the statement said the organization in 2014 would focus on accessibility and assistive technology for those with limitations.

“In 2014, Benola will reach out to children and families of those with
cerebral palsy all over Nigeria through active engagement in advocacy
campaigns specifically designed to protect civil rights of individuals
with cerebral palsy and other limitations. It will highlight actions
that are unethical and abusive, eliminate barriers to full social
integration of persons with cerebral palsy and other limitations,
promote employment opportunities that will guarantee economic
security, properly modified housing and the required health care
benefits which such individuals require for normal existence.

“Benola will continue to provide families with vital information on
current trends in the management of cerebral palsy to help them cope
with their situation, help parents of children with cerebral palsy
to better assist their child in achieving the best level independence
possible under each child’s peculiar situation, help professionals and
others new to the field understand, support and encourage children
with Cerebral Palsy and their families and help all children to
understand cerebral palsy and what life is like for those who have to
live with it.” the statement said.

On the Roadmap for management of cerebral palsy in Nigeria, the
statement said the document would be presented to the public at a
ceremony marking the organization’s anniversary on Thursday, February
27, 2014.

“The roadmap will educate members, those in authority, the private
sector and other well-meaning Nigerians about the issue at stake. It
will also identify the programmes, opportunities and activities needed
to help individuals with cerebral palsy and other developmental
disabilities to achieve their full potential. The roadmap will
encourage policies and laws that provide adequate support, access to
services and resources, and modifications to traditional systems so
they can be used by individuals with physical or developmental
challenges. It will also work to change upstream factors like laws,
regulations, policies, and institutional practices, and standards that
influence the personal health, environments and choices of millions of

Benola: A Cerebral Palsy Initiative is founded on the principle that
individuals with disabilities are entitled to equal opportunity,
economic stability, a meaningful education, independent living and
inclusion in all aspects of society. The organization is involved in
activities that support employment for individuals with disabilities,
access to high-quality health care along with assistive devices and
other technological developments that can enhance the mobility of
disabled persons.

The organization, committed to eliminating social injustices and
stigmas, is in the forefront of the advocacy for the rights of
individuals with disabilities to participate fully in all aspects of

Meanwhile, Benola Cerebral Palsy Initiative has concluded plans to
visit three hospitals in Lagos. The visits are in continuation of the
organization’s effort at bringing succor to sick children including
those living with cerebral palsy. It is also aimed at raising
awareness about cerebral palsy and accelerating progress in the
management of the condition.

During the visit, hundreds of toys will be handed out to children in the wards.

In a statement issued by its Co-Founder, Mrs. Alaba Gbadebo, the
organization urged Nigerians to rally round children with cerebral

This year’s Children’s Christmas Gift celebration will hold on Monday,
December 16, Wednesday December 18 and Friday December 20, in the
Children’s Wards of Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH),
Idi-Araba, Massey Street Children’s Hospital, Lagos Island and Lagos
Island General Hospital respectively.

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