Benue House Suspends Four Lawmakers for Disrupting Proceedings

In a bid to restore order, four members of the Benue State House of Assembly have received a three month suspension for allegedly causing disruptions during Monday’s session, according to reports.

Quoted in reports, the motion to sanction Honourables Solomon Gyila, Douglass Akya, Dyako Ashwa and Anthony Agom were moved by Majority Leader Saater Tiseer and seconded by Peter Ipusu.

The suspended lawmakers represent Gwer West, Makurdi South, Konshisha and Okpokwu constituencies respectively.

Details regarding the precise nature of the interferences were not disclosed, however the decisive action aims to address disturbances and allow legislative duties to continue smoothly.

With proceedings adjourning until tomorrow, observers will watch to see if peace is restored when the House resumes under the disciplinary action taken against parliamentarians whose conduct disrupted important government proceedings.

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