Boat Mishap claims 10 lives in Kogi

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As least ten persons have been confirmed dead in a boat mishap that occurred in the early hours of Wednesday, in Ebe Village in Lokoja Local government area of Kogi state.
flood in kogi

The Boat which carried over Hundred Passengers from the Village which is the home town of the Former Speaker of the State House of Assembly, Honourable Abdulraham Dangana was said to have sank into the River Niger as a result of heavy turbulence occasioned by alleged clash between the Security Patrol Team and the boat conveying bunkeers.

According to a source, the Security Patrol where said to have chased a boat conveying drums of crude oil which was sighted on the River Niger at about mid night on Tuesday into River Burara.

The source further revealed that the unfortunate incident was as the result of the diversion by the Passenger boat from the original channel in River Niger to River Burara due to the alleged poor dredging of the River Niger by the National Inland Water Ways Authority, NIWA.

The passengers were saying to be coming to Lokoja Market from Ebe Village in Kuba-North Community in Lokoja.

Effort by journalists to speak with the General Manager, Corporate Affairs, of NIWA, Mr. Tayo Fadile could not yield serious response as he replied through a text message that ” At meeting, will call you later”.

The River Burara was said to be flowing from Kaduna State through Niger State into the River Niger.