Bolivia bow out of Nigeria friendly due to safety issues

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Bolivia have pulled out of the international friendly against the Super Eagles billed for Uyo on March 26, 2015.
super eagles -calabar
The Bolivian Football Federation had to rescind the decision to face Nigeria because the game comes up two days before Nigeria’s heated presidential elections.

La Razon, a Bolivian newspaper noted that the FBF called the game off owing to security fears.

“The armed conflict in Nigeria has forced the cancellation of the game,” said president of the FBF, Carlos Chavez, in a press conference in Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

“That game is not going to be held. Now the FBF seeks to raise a strong defence because Nigerians will protest and request sanctions for non-compliance.”

La Razon had earlier reported that the Bolivian FA was engaged in talks on how to withdraw from the friendly “with the intention of avoiding a financial penalty for breach of contract” though a decision has been taken to withdraw.

Chavez is now hoping that there will be no financial implication for breach of contract with Full Play and Fifa match agent Jairo Pachon.

The Nigeria Football Federation had said that the game would go on after the Bolivian head coach, Mauricio Soria, called for the game to be cancelled.

Nigeria will play South Africa on March 29 at the Mbombela Stadium in Nelspruit.

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