Boy, 16, Gets 6-Month Jail or 2,000 Bail for House Breaking in Kogi

Man, 16, was convicted for two crime charges, house breaking and attempt to commit theft.

The Upper Area Court1 Lokoja on Thursday sentenced one Ayo Ojo , 16, a labourer to 6months imprisonment or to pay fine of N2000 immediately.

The Chief Magistrate, Paul Olupeka asked the accused to pay the fine immediately to the court, because he’s too young to be convicted.

He also warned him to be of good behavior.

According to the prosecutor the accused allegedly enter pastor residence located within the church premises at about 2 am on the day of the incident with the intent to steal.

He said the pastor of the Church, Prophet Joseph Ojo had excuse himself from the night vigil to pick an item in his residence when he met the accused.

Earlier in his testimony Ojo told the church that he gained entry into his personal room by smashing the door.

He explained that the accused was already ransacking his house when he was caught in the act.

The prosecutor came alongside with three witnesses including the Pastor.