Brazil2014: Submission of World Cup Ticket Forms closes on Friday

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Submission of Hard Ticket Application Forms for matches of the group phase of the 20th FIFA World Cup finals in Brazil will close on Friday this week, the Nigeria Football Federation has announced. fifa

NFF’s Director of Marketing, Adama Idris, disclosed on Tuesday that it is important that all those who have obtained the Hard Ticket Application Forms (HTAF) submit the same latest by Friday in order that the process for ticket confirmation can commence.

“We advise that submission of all completed application forms be done latest by Friday, this week. The process for ticket confirmation by world football-governing body, FIFA, will commence immediately.

“All the stages have timelines and it is pertinent that we don’t miss any of these timelines. The NFF may not be able to provide any match ticket for anyone who fails to submit properly-completed application form by Friday.”

Idris reiterated that no payment is required for this phase in the process. “No one is required to make any payment while submitting his/her completed application form. People will only be required to make payment after their request has been processed and approved by FIFA.”

Nigeria play Iran, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Argentina in Group F of the 20th FIFA World Cup finals taking place in Brazil between 12th June – 13th July, this year.

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