Brazzaville 2015: ‘Team Nigeria is not ready for All African Games’

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Former national boxing coach, Obisia Nwankpa, has declared that the country is not ready for the forthcoming All Africa Games holding from September 4-19 in Brazzaville, Congo.

Nwankpa, who made this observation, while baring his mind on the level of preparations of Nigerian boxers for the Games, said, it would take God’s intervention for Nigeria to win medals in the boxing events at the Games.

The former World Boxing Council (WBC) number title contender, Commonwealth and Africa champion in the light welterweight hinged his doubts on the country’s fire brigade approach of preparing for any international competitions.

According him it takes about four years to prepare for big international competitions like All Africa Games, Commonwealth Games and the Olympics, pointing out lamented that such sustained preparations have never happened in Nigeria rather what the country does is to always embark on two months training programme which have never been enough for the boxers to be in good shape for such a big competition.

“I don’t really know what they are doing in respect of our preparations for the All Africa Games.

“As far as I am concerned we are not ready for the next month’s All Africa Games which Congo will be playing host to. “To start with, we do not even have adequate training equipments. As we speak, out of the 12 training equipments in boxing, Nigeria can only boast of four and the question is where is the remaining equipments?,” he asked.

“The four training facilities that are available in the country include punching bags, gloves, training ring and training gym. Apart from these four items there are no other facilities.

“I am not expecting any medal from the athletes because how can one expect a boxing medal from athlete that prepares for major competition like AAG in just two weeks when it takes minimum of four years to prepare for such a competition.

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