Business activities on hold as Kabba celebrates age-long Oka Festival today

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The president of Kabba Development Union (KDU) Mr Malomo Olorunfemi has appealed to transporters and travellers traveling through Kabba town in Kogi not to pass through the township.
Oworo Ojega St
Olorunfemi, said yesterday that the warning was as a result of the celebration of New Yam festival which is called the Oka festival which is scheduled for Thursday.

He noted that the festival was a period in the history of kabba people when non indigent were restricted from moving around in the land.

Olorunfemi,said it had been tradition for over 100 years in the town,while he urged every non indigene of the land to abide by every law regulating the area.

He noted that anything from 5pm on Thursday evening they would have finished the festival and people allowed.