CAF hosts seminar on Club Licensing and Professionalism

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The Confederation Africaine de Football (CAF) will organize a seminar on club licensing and professionalism in football from 30-31 January 2014 in Cape Town, South Africa.caf league

The two-day seminar seeks to equip participants with the requisite knowledge and information about club licensing and the tenets of the fast-growing professionalism in football.

Topics to be discussed at the seminar, the first of its kind, include;
*Competitions and Club Licensing: Role of CAF, Federations, Leagues and Clubs
*Professional Development of Clubs: Managerial and Finance
*Infrastructural Development of Clubs and Stadia
*Youth policy
* TV Rights, Broadcasting and Production of matches in Africa
* Marketing of Competitions and Sponsorship for clubs
* Club Licensing System in other Confederations (UEFA, AFC)
* Legal issues concerning Clubs and Status of Players

The seminar will be supervised by CAF President, Issa Hayatou, with support from members of the CAF Executive Committee and Danny Jordaan, President of South Africa Football Associations (SAFA).

Thirty-seven (37) clubs drawn across the continent have been invited to take part in this historic event.

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