CAF slams 12-month ban on Warri Wolves goalkeeper Tejiri Rhiogbere

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The Confederation of African Football (CAF) has suspended for 12 months goalkeeper Tejiri Rhiogbere of Warri Wolves for spitting at a match official, with the possibility of a worldwide ban.
The suspension was one of many decisions taken at the meeting of the Disciplinary Board of the continental football body.

The meeting was held on Sunday in Cairo, Egypt.
The 28-year-old goalkeeper was reported to have spat at the First Assistant Referee during their second round second
leg match in the 2015 CAF Confederation Cup competition.

Warri Wolves FC had won the match against FC MK of DR Congo in Kinshasa 1-0 on May 1 to advance to the third round on a 3-1 aggregate.

Rhiogbere who was listed as a substitute during the match now faces a worldwide ban as CAF has now forwarded his case to world governing body FIFA.

FIFA may then decide to extend the suspension on the international level, depending on the way it sees the offence and how it affects its rules on players’ conduct.

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