Calls for Change: Nigerians Take to Streets Over Economic Hardship in Lagos and Abuja

On June 12, Nigerians across Lagos and Abuja voiced their discontent through protests, citing hunger and economic hardship as their primary grievances.

In Lagos State, demonstrators gathered in Ikeja to express their frustration with the current administration led by President Bola Tinubu.

They lamented the severe economic challenges that have left many families struggling to make ends meet. Protesters wielded placards demanding relief from the burdens of poverty and condemning what they perceive as anti-people neoliberal policies, particularly privatization initiatives.

“We called for it and we are on the street in Ikeja Under Bridge,” remarked one protester in a social media post.

“The tyrannical and oppressive government of @officialABAT must be shown the way out. We are hungry and angry. WeAreHungryProtest. June12Protest.”

Similarly, in Abuja, aggrieved Nigerians gathered beneath Berger Bridge to amplify their discontent with the Tinubu administration’s handling of economic matters.

The protests underscored widespread dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs and a call for significant changes to alleviate the hardships faced by ordinary citizens.