Cardinal Onaiyekan says Nigeria’s Catholic Church stands against Gay Marriage

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Catholic Archbishop of Abuja Diocese, Cardinal John Onaiyekan on Sunday said that the position of the Church in Nigeria against homosexuality was irrevocable.
gay marriage

Onaiyekan reiterated the Church position in a chat in Makurdi during his official visit to the Diocese of Makurdi.

According to him, the Catholic Church will continue to sustain its stand against gay marriage.

He regretted that many people across the world were accepting homosexuality as a norm but insisted that it could never become a norm just for the fact of its acceptability by some.

“Unfortunately, we are living in a world where these things have now become quite acceptable but for the fact that they are acceptable doesn’t mean that they are right.

“The Catholic Church considers itself as carrying the banner of the truth in the World that has allowed itself to be so badly deceived,” he said.

He said the Catholic Church was one of the few religious groups across the World that had maintained its consistency against the abnormal sex pattern.

The cleric described homosexuality as against the will of God.

“Even if people don’t like us for it, our church has always said homosexuality is unnatural and marriage is between a man and a woman.

“There is no such thing as marriage between two men or marriage between two women, whatever they do among themselves should not be called marriage.

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