Central Bank or Rwanda releases new, improved Rwf500 banknote

The move is aimed at strengthening the note’s security features, according to a statement issued by the central bank on Tuesday.

‘The National Bank of Rwanda wishes to inform the general public that it has issued a new Rwf500 banknote.

‘The new banknote will be used along with the old ones in circulation,’ the statement signed by Dr. Monique Nsanzabaganwa, the central bank vice-governor and acting governor, added. The 135 x 72mm note has a watermark of the coat of arms of the Republic of Rwanda and an electrotype element representing the logo ‘BNR’ below, a dark blue dominant colour.

Other characteristics on the front side are three dairy cattle in a farm. The face value is written horizontally in the two lower corners and in the upper left corner, the date of issue is printed in blue ink on the lower part under the principle design. The date of issue is 01.01.2013.

The note serial numbers are printed in black ink horizontally in the upper right corner and vertically in the left part, the signature of the vice-governor is on the lower left part and that of the governor on the right part. There is a see-through register made up in 500 number and a diamond of five sides in the middle left part in, in which the letters ‘BNR’ are inscribed horizontally.

The principal design of the note’s back side shows four young students with computers at workplace, with the note’s face value written horizontally on all four corners. It also has a see-through register made up in reversed 500 number and a windowed security thread with visible micro-number ‘500’ and micro-text ‘BNR’, situated on the right part.

The three exotic cows on the front face reflect government’s effort to eradicate malnutrition and the four young students working with computers on the back face represent government’s emphasis on promoting education and technology, BNR officials said. The central bank is by law mandated to mint and manage money and issue banknotes and coins on behalf of the government.

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