CHAN2014: Eagles Off Day As Agbim, Egwuekwe, Kwambe Hail NFF

There was a surprise off day for the Super Eagles from training on Tuesday and when the players were told late Monday night they could not believe it, with some suggesting that they rather not have a free day only to come back for a punishing session the following evening.super eagless

Azubuike Egwuekwe was first to speak, “ I love the free day because it will relax all of us but we know how it is when we return from such free days and I have told my mates to behave themselves. Some of us may not even go anywhere we will just use the opportunity to relax well”, he said.

Solomon Kwambe said it was not yet time to shop and he will go out but will wait to shop after the cup has been won. “We still have some time to do whatever it is that we want to do and part of it is buying things for our loved ones and that will happen after we have gone through the stages we want to get to,the trophy that we believe belongs to us”, he said.

Team Skipper, Chigozie Agbim, said he was delighted at the opportunity to relax but called on his mates to act according to camp rules. “We all know the rules and we will keep to them stringently but we must thank the technical crew for giving us the opportunity to unwind. We must also thank the NFF for all the support that they have been offering to the team by meeting all our demands since the second week of December last year”, he said. Spartan training for the quarter final duel against the Atlas Lions of Morocco resumes Wednesday evening in Cape Town.