CHAN2014: Maigari Wants SA Double Dose, Ladipo Says Support Berekete

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NFF President, Alhaji Aminu Maigari arrived Cape Town on Friday morning to join in the Super Eagles party that is set to conquer North African foe; Morocco. But he is not thinking of the Eagles alone, the Super Falconets are also in town and on his mind.eagles

“We want double dose victory this weekend. Yes, the Falconets have won the first leg by 6-0, but we still want another victory over the South Africans and the girls have promised that they will give it”, Maigari declared through Technical Committee boss, Barr Chris Green, who was in the company of National Women Teams’ Coordinator Aisha Falode at the team’s Green Court, East Gate hotel in Johannesburg.

Maigari through Green told the players that he has been following them closely since the qualifiers for the Canada 2014 World Cup began and he was totally impressed at the output of the players and officials of the team so far. He promised a holistic approach to the preparations of the girls for the World Cup but added, “this game is coming at a time our national team is also in action, you must ensure that you win and win well because the senior national team have already given indications that they will destroy the opposition”, he said.

Later in the evening at the Green Point training ground of the Eagles, President General of the Nigerian and Other Sports Supporters Club, Dr Rauf Ladipo, along with some of his members kept a close eye on the Eagles build up to the game against Morocco and declared at the end of the training that he was impressed with what he saw. “I must commend the NFF, the technical crew and the players for the dedication that I have seen in training just now”, he declared.

Ladipo also said like Maigari, he has a dual plan for supporters to be in Johannesburg and in Cape Town for the double dose victory that the teams expect. “Our people are already on ground in Johannesburg and we have another set here in Cape Town, there will be no let down in both games but I had thought the games will be shifted by a day, but we are ready for whatever is thrown at us”. In short support for both Falconets and Super Eagles is berekete”, he said.