CHAN2014: My Penalties’ Plot Failed, says Zimbabwe coach

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Zimbabwe National team coach, Ian Gorowa, says because one of his players was red carded in the first half of the third place game against Nigeria at the CHAN tournament, he planned for a penalty shoot-out to oust the Eagles but the plan failed him.chan2014

“When you are down in the first quarter of a game like that and against a strong side like Nigeria you will want to make a statement by being cautious and then eventually waiting for a penalty shoot-out. But we defended and defended and at a point we have to cave in to the fire-works. But I was really looking forward to a penalty shoot-out that never was.

He thereafter praised the resilience of the Nigerian side, while declaring that Zimbabwe as a country has garnered immeasurable knowledge for playing in the semi-final of the CHAN tourney, urging other SADC member nations to keep pushing for the top in African and world football.