Changing Times in Kogi State – Micheal Abu

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Life is changing for the better in Kogi State. the government is opening up the rural areas through the construction of feeder and major roads to link communities and major towns in the State.

The residents are happy at this development; so also is Capt. Idris Wada, the State Governor who while flagging off the construction of the 16km Otokiti – Ganaja bye pass road recently, said it was in fulfillment of his campaign promises to the people. For Governor Idris Wada, his idea of providing roads linking villages, local Government and other major towns in the State is basically to open up the State to economic opportunities.

The Governor’s road development policy is a deliberate and strategic one because good road network is an important complement to improved transport system. It is also indispensable for the transportation of goods and services from the rural settlements to the major markets centers and to also enhance social interaction between the citizens and people from other parts of the Country.

Governor Wada’s road development policy is deliberate and strategic because good road network is an important complement to improved transport system. It is also indispensable for the transportation of goods and services from the rural settlements to the major markets centres and to also enhance social interaction between the citizens and people from other parts of the Country.

For Captain Wada, the practical reality of constructing new roads only calls for the rehabilitation of old ones. Little wonder, the establishment of the Kogi State Road Maintenance Agency. This has equally added value to the Governor’s determination to ensure that all State roads are pothole free and motor able all year round.

From the beginning of this year, the present administration has not hidden its desire in providing quality roads across the State. With the inauguration of equipments for the Kogi State Road Maintenance Agency, put together at a cost of over N300 million, everyone knew that the Governor was only matching words with action in his road revolution programme.

The flag off of the 16 km Otokiti-Ganaja road bye pass at a cost of over N2 billion, Captain Wada disclosed will not only open up the state capital to the eastern flank, Lokoja the state capital is landlocked, coupled with the devastation caused by the 2012 flood, the State capital needed to be opened up. The road will certainly open up the town to more opportunities and development.

Also the determination to place emphasis on roads according to Capt Wada while flagging off the commencement of Egbe township roads, he says was due to depreciation, dilapidation and natural wastages. But as a responsible government, the Governor said he considered it most appropriate to not only place emphasis on rehabilitation and reconstruction of new ones despite the State’s lean financial resources.

Furthermore, the flag-off of the Egbe township road, like others that are already on-going according to Captain Wada is to ease the stress being faced by the people. It is important to state that the present administration in the state is rehabilitating Kabba, Iyara, Mopa, Lokoja and Egbe township road among others in the State, thus making the West Senatorial district have all of its Local Government Areas having its road under reconstruction simultaneously.

Other roads executed in the last two years Include:

a).Ganaja Junction – Ganaja Village (Diversion)
b).Erosion Control, Ajaka – Ibachi Road
c).Ogaminana Township Road
d).Dualisation of Idah Township Road
e).Dualization of Ankpa Township Road
f).3 & 4 Span Bridges on Shintaku Odugbo Mozun Road
g).Okura Township Road
h).Ankpa – Oloku – Okaba. Road
Also in the same sub-sector, the following roads are on-going:
I).Abejukolo Township Road
ii).Ageva – Ogori Road
iii).Lokoja Township Road Lot 5 – 75% Completion
vi).Lokoja Mount Patti Road
vii).Rehabilitation of Koton-karfe Township Road
viii). Ofugo – Ika – Iloni –. Icheke Road among several others.

According to the Governor while flagging off the road construction at Egbe, the contractors handling road projects in the State must justify Governments huge investment. The state government is no doubt spending its little money wisely and so in the words of the Governor , will not accept shoddy jobs, rather it must get value for money on all its on-going projects.

Looking also at the spread of the on-going road projects by Capt. Idris Wada. The roads are no doubt evenly spread, which goes to confirm that the State is the Governor’s entire constituency.

It is expected that on completion of the road construction, the areas and the State in general will experience a boost in its economic activities as well as an improved face lift.

While it is a known fact that the present administration in the State has given road construction a boost, the appeal to people of the area where this construction are on-going is for their people to give maximum co-operation to the contractors to facilitate a hitch free execution of the project.

After all, provision of infrastructure like road has remain cardinal to good governance. This will, perhaps explain why governments all over the world and at all levels, places it on their topmost agenda.

Infrastructure like; Roads, remain key issues of development. Apart from being evidences of development, they also enhance both economic and social lives of the people.

A hitherto unknown settlement can be advertised by a mere link through a good road. Little wonder, many communities in Nigeria will stop at nothing to have government come to their aid by fixing their roads as it will instantly open such communities to opportunities and enhance their socio -economic status.

Guided by this and other vision to build a greater Kogi State, Capt. Wada’s administration has no doubt shown the sincerity of purpose, in affecting the lives of the citizens through improved infrastructures. This is particularly noticed with the inauguration of the several on-going road projects across the state and the equipments he purchased to enhance road maintenance.

Without mincing words, Capt. Wada has daily made his transformation vision in the transport sector a watershed.

NB: The news analysis written by Abu Micheal, Chief Press Secretary to Kogi State Deputy Governor.

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