Charly Boy Slams Former Kaduna State Governor calls him “Expired Drug” over Controversial Religious Comment

Famous Nigerian entertainer, Charly Boy, has expressed strong disapproval of the recent controversial religious comment made by Nasir El-Rufai, the immediate past governor of Kaduna State.

In a trending video, El-Rufai stated that he and some northern governors used religion as a political tool to ensure Asiwaju Bola Tinubu’s victory in the 2023 presidential election. He claimed that employing religion as a political strategy was aimed at addressing tribalism and religious divisions in Nigerian politics.

El-Rufai’s statement sparked nationwide outrage, with concerned Nigerians cautioning him against making remarks that could ignite religious tensions and branding him a religious bigot.

Taking to his official Twitter handle on Thursday, Charly Boy joined the chorus of critics, referring to the former governor as an expired drug. In his tweet, he questioned El-Rufai’s commitment to the progress of Nigeria, accusing him of stealing from the country. Charly Boy also cast doubt on El-Rufai’s claim of being a true Muslim, suggesting that his actions contradict the principles of unity.

Charly Boy’s outspoken condemnation adds to the growing backlash against El-Rufai’s comments, highlighting the need for responsible and inclusive political discourse that promotes national unity and harmony.

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