Chief Whip refutes Friction Reports in Kogi Assembly

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The Chief Whip and member representing Lokoja I Constituency in the Kogi House of Assembly, Hon Suleiman Babadoko has refuted speculations that factions among lawmakers in Kogi State House of Assembly have torn the legislative chamber apart, what obtains is purposeful cohesion for the overall growth and development of the state.

He revealed this to Graphics in Lokoja, while admitting that there were skirmishes at the beginning, with swift intervention of Governor Idris Wada, the legislators had since resolved their differences.

He declared: ”For now, there are no factions. We have resolved our initial differences. We were able to achieve that through Governor Idris Wada who saw the need for all of us to work collectively for the good of the state.”

On whether the registration of All Progressives Congress (APC) is a threat to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), the Chief Whip was optimistic that a merger of parties was witnessed in the First Republic and that the APC arrangement is not new to politicians.

The lawmaker who welcomed APC on board, however, deflated it if its objective is to wrestle power from the PDP.

”If parties merge with the aim of defeating the ruling party, it will not be easy. The PDP is solidly on ground and firmly in control of the Presidency, National and state Houses of Assembly. The onus rests on us to remain afloat and we would ensure this by remaining responsive to the people. APC has no base in Kogi State,” he affirmed.

He continued: ”It is not as if a lot of the APC members have something new to offer. Almost all of them are products of the PDP and they are a bunch of people who want power desperately. Many of them lack credibility; they jump from one party to the other.”

Explaining what makes him tick as a politician in the state, Hon Babadoko posited: ”Anywhere you find yourself, if you want to politick, you must have ability to tolerate people. If you want to excel, be accessible to the electorate. I am a politician who does not change telephone lines so as to remain evasive from my people. I listen to people’s complaints and aspirations.”

He also submitted that he moved motions on the floor of the House culminating in the intervention role by the state government to sanitise the abattoir in Lokoja and the need to address traffic jam at Ganaja Junction in the state capital which government is trying to address.

Some of his motions, he stated, include urgent need to tackle erosion menace at Angwar Rimi, Ganaja Junction and behind PHCN office, while through his legislative role, the job on Angwar Tiv had also reached 90 per cent completion.

He further cited that it was through his motion that the House advised the state government to intensify efforts to urge civil servants pay for owner-occupier houses, in order to boost internal revenue of government.

In the area of bill, Hon Babadoko divulged that he is the architect of the establishment of State Christian Pilgrims Welfare Commission and Muslim Pilgrims Welfare Commission.

The Chief Whip concluded that he co-sponsored with a member representing Lokoja II a tenancy bill to demarcate between the powers of landlords and rights of tenants, which he said had gone through second reading.

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