Children Needs Early Sex Education – Kogi Permanent Secretary tells Parents

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The Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development in Kogi State, Usman Jimoh has advised parents to give their Children early Sex Education.

Mr Usman Jimoh said Parents should always watch their Children and always advice them to be very careful with men and to watch what they are doing.

He encourage youths to avoid unwanted pregnancies, also stated that pregnancy like that is a result of bad training and carelessness of the children and also the parents.

Jimoh advised parents to always monitor their children and the friends they also keep because it can result to bad future and unwanted babies.

He employ youth to keep their body holy and incase of any unwanted pregnancy they should try and keep the child because that baby can be a leader of tomorrow.

Permanent Secretary employ men that rape young girls to be very careful with what they do to the innocent young girls, because they are also the future of tomorrow.

He condemned act of abortion as wicked act and is against the Gods will and humanity, so youths should be very careful and see God first.

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