Chris Giwa Debunks Rumour On Sale Of Club

    Chris Giwa

The proprietor, Giwa FC of Jos, Chris Giwa has debunked rumors that he had plans to sell his club.

Ha also charged the Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) on accountability as means of improving on sport development in Nigeria.

Giwa who said he was not aware of the rumours on the purported sale of Giwa FC, however linked the news to those he called ‘mischief makers’ .

He said: “I did not even hear the news myself. My club fans and supporters drew my attention begging me not to sell the club. I was initially embarrassed because sincerely speaking, I had no such plans. When journalists heard the so called news, they refused to double check to find out if it is true, they just went to town.

“It is obvious some people are up to some mischief. I understand the whole game. I am ready. I came into football not because of money or what I can make from football. God has blessed me and it is through football I want to touch the lives of people around me,” he added.

Sighting the recent probe of corruption in FIFA, Giwa charged NFF on accountability adding that they should be some reforms in football administration in Nigeria.

He said: “If World football’s governing body has been engulfed by claims of widespread corruption since summer 2015, does it not tell anybody that in an era of globalization, every affiliate body should reform to avoid a repetition of the same issues in their football?

The reforms Giwa said should include: “a reform that democratizes the electoral space in the game not one that is closing the space like the article 7 of the communiqué of the NFF annual general assembly; a clear separation of powers between the political side of our football and the day-to-day financial and business operations of NFF; all financial transactions of the NFF should be monitored by a fully independent body; state football association members and lesser affiliates must mirror the above structure and comply with principles of good governance. They will also be accountable for the conduct of their entire teams and any third parties that they work.”

“There may be more challenges and it will take time for the reforms to take effect. Our resolve to rebuild a new NFF for the better should be a steadfast commitment in the nation’s interest.

“The 160 million of fans, players, coaches and others dedicated to football around the country deserve nothing less from those of us with the incredible responsibility and privilege of owning, managing, governing and guiding Nigerian football,” he noted.