Civil Societies to make Kogi Child Rights Law into booklet

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Coalition of Civil Society Organisations in Kogi has constituted a five-member committee to make into a booklet, the domesticated Kogi State Child Rights Law to ease accessibility and enlightenment.educat

Mr Victor Adejoh, Executive Director of Kogi-based Participation Initiative for Behavioural Change in Development (PIBCID) in Lokoja explained that the Publication of the abridged version of the domesticated Law, is to enlighten the citizens and enhance awareness with a view to reducing violation.

Adejoh said the coalition felt the measure had become imperative in view of the fact that the law passed last year (2013) by Kogi House of Assembly and assented to by Governor Idris Wada shortly after, was not available to citizens in whose favour it was made.

“The current document of the law passed is a very bulky document and it is not available to citizens in whose favour the law was made.

“So, as CSOs we are working with other interest groups to make this document into a booklet so that the law will be accessible to schools, parents, NGOs and indeed, citizens of the state so that they can have knowledge of the rights of children.

“When everyone is aware and knows the law, the rights will be further protected and the rate of violation will also reduce. We will work very closely with the Women Affairs Ministry, the state House of Assembly, NGOs, legal and religious bodies.

“We will narrow it down in line with international best practices to enhance comprehension. It will be a small document of not more than 50 pages.

Adejoh expressed the view that the effort would help set a precedent for the enforcement of the rights of children in the country.