Community Club Ownership is not visible in Nigeria, says Prof Patrick Omo-Osagie

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All views below are unedited that of Professor Patrick Omo-Osagie to
Prof Patrick Omo-Osagie
“How true is the story that the LMC is selling to Nigerians about community ownership of clubs in Europe? The LMC is not telling the whole story of how clubs are owned and run in Europe, especially in Germany which the LMC is touting as a model to copy.

What is true is that some German clubs do have paid memberships, what is erroneous is that the club dues do not run the club. The lifeblood of a modern football club is the revenues from television and commercialization and not from club membership dues.

I have studied the proposal the LMC put on its website and some follow up stories on how the clubs can raise money (N500 million) in one story. The story says that 20000 people paying N2500 a month for ten months, will yield N500 million.

That is great if you can find 20000 people to commit to paying club dues and pay such dues for many years to come. The story continues to explain how clubs will be run by a group from subscribers, shareholders and investors of the club; is the club selling membership or shares?
Investors expect to control outcomes and earn returns on their investment, so the LMC story again is not very clear.

My thought on reviving Nigerian club football is very simple; make it cheaper to run a club and share the television and commercial revenues equally amongst clubs. We must create our own unique football structure.

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