Create office of Surgeon-General of the Federation, NBA urges President Buhari

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The Nigeria Medical Association has reaffirmed its determination to improve the services of traditional-medicine experts in the Country.
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The National President of the Association, Doctor Lawrence Obembe stated this while speaking against the backdrop of illicit use of herbs in the society.

He noted that as much as some of the herbs have the capacity to cure certain diseases, efforts are however being geared to monitor the practice of the practitioners to allow them fall within the accepted standards of medications that can be consumed.

Doctor Obembe who explained that it may be a tall dream to aspire to compete with advanced country in reference to the development of the health sector, said trado-medicine if well harnessed remains an excellent platform to sell the Country to the international community.

Speaking on medical tourism, he advised government to not only provide the necessary infrastructure in the health sector, but also consider creating the office of the Surgeon-General of the Federation.

According to him, this office would be responsible to critically ascertain whether or not those seeking to travel abroad require such trips and monitor other related developments in the interest of ensuring the survival of the Country’s health sector.

In another development, Doctor Obembe described bad road network as one of the greatest cause of maternal mortality in the Country and urged government at all levels to be more responsive to providing the necessary basic amenities to prevent the untold negative impact on the citizenry.

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