Dambe Warriors Circuit Fight 2: Kanin Bello shines in heavyweight, Bahagon Zayyanu and Manu Garkuwan Chindo star in lightweight

Kanin Bello subdued Dogo Kyellu in the main event, which is in the heavyweight division of the Dambe Warriors Circuit Fight 2 in Abuja, at the Dei-Deigidan Dambe.

The spectators in Abuja, surpassed what was recorded in the Dambe Warriors Circuit Fight number 1 at the Ado Bayero Square in Kano State as they were thrilled with the nine fights as usual in the three weight divisions.
The fighters contested in lightweight, middleweight and heavyweight divisions.

In the Lightweight division, Bahagon Zayyanu and Manu Garkuwan Chindo are leading the pack after winning their two fights, while Autan Kudawa and Ramadan have made it two over two in the Middleweight division and in the Heavyweight division, only Dogo Maitakwasara have made it two wins out of two fights so far.

According to the Dambe Warriors League founders, the major aim is to have fighters qualify to battle in the Dambe Super fight later this year, while bringing world-class Dambe to all Nigerians through innovative and cutting-edge partnerships.

After seeing great action in Abuja, all attention will focus on Dambe Warriors Circuit Fight 3 in Kano come October 01, 2023.
The Dambe Warriors League founders, their local partner (Cloud 9 Sports), and their circuit sponsors (Hypo, Indomie, Amstel malta, AIICO, and Climax) are impressed with the standard of circuit fight 2, and the fighters have promised to raise the bar in circuit fight 3.

The President of Dambe Association, Aminu Bature Kuara, have pledged to continue to give maximum support to the organizers of Dambe Warriors to move it to the next level.

They have tagged dambe not just a combat sport but a tradition that must be kept alive.

Circuit Fight #1 = 3 September = Kano State, Ado Bayero Square
Circuit Fight #2 = 17 September = Abuja, Dei-Dei Gidan Dambe
Circuit Fight #3 = 1 October = Kano State, Ado Bayero Square
Circuit Fight #4 = 15 October = Abuja, Dei-Dei Gidan Dambe
Circuit Fight #5 = 5 November = Lagos, Gidan Dambe, Alabarago, Ojo
Dambe Superfight 1 = 19 November = Kano State, Kano Pillars Stadium

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