#Debate: Hillary Clinton Should Consider Herself In Jail The Moment Trump Win USA Presidency

The second United States presidential debate has just ended and it turned out to be a more heated face off between both candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, than the last debate.

Republican candidate, Donald Trump has however, yet again proven how hateful and unguided he is when in his response to Clinton’s private email questions, he threatened to throw her in jail once he wins the election.

This has to be a first in history as no candidate has ever looked their opponent in the eye and said to them: “If i win, I’m going to instruct the attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation because there have been so many lies, so much deception….” This is Trump literally telling Americans and the rest of the world that he will influence the judicial system to witchhunt anyone who criticises his policies.

In Clinton’s retort to his statement, she mentioned that it’s good that someone with a temperament like Trump’s is not in charge of the laws of America and Trump’s reply was:“Because you’d be in jail”.

We expect that if this becomes a subject of concern in days to come, Trump will deny his intentions. There’s no other way to express it, a Trump presidency in America might turn out to be a dictatorship and we know this by tonight’s threat. God help us.

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