Delta 2015: Ethiope West leaders back Olejeme

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Leaders of Thought from Ethiope West Local Government Area on Friday urged the people to embrace change.

They also appealed to top Urhobo leaders not to allow sentiments to override their sense of good judgement.

The President of the Movement for the Unity and Development of Ethiope West Local Government Area, Dr. Ochuko Edojah who addressed the media after a closed door meeting in Oghara, expressed confidence in the chairman of Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund, NSITF, Dr. Ngozi Olejeme’s ability to do the governorship job.

“We must base our choice of the next governor of Delta State on the core attributes of competence, integrity, courage, initiative and focus. We need a leader who can project the interest of our people. Olejeme is a woman of courage. She is the type of leader we want as governor in 2015. She will build a new and strong bridge of prosperity and dignity for Delta. We will mobilize the people at home and abroad to support her” he promised.

Edojah who predicted that the future of the state depended on the dynamic and visionary people like Olejeme, appealed to the people not to bring down their leaders.

“As 2015 approaches, we must sharpen our political skills. We must seek the common good of the local government area. We must not bring down our leaders but strengthen them” he advised.

The movement, consisting of top-flight private sector driven individuals, professionals, academics and men of character, according to Dr. Edojah, extolled the virtue of Olejeme, describing her as an asset to the country, particularly Delta State.

“Olejeme has empowered countless Deltans by getting them juicy contracts and job placement in companies and parastatals” he said.

“We believe in equity, justice and equality. We also believe that the time to allow a competent and credible Anioma person like Dr. Ngozi Olejeme to occupy the exalted position of the governor of Delta State has come. She possesses the experience, vision, political wisdom, courage and humility needed for the important task” he added.

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