Delta 2015 Polls: NAWOJ praises Ngozi Olejeme’s leadership skills

The Nigeria Association of Women Journalists (NAWOJ) Thursday night praised the chairman of Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF), Dr. Ngozi Olejeme for her exceptional qualities, saying she remains the best for Delta State.
“Many qualities separate Olejeme from other aspirants; vision, courage, character, commitment, loyalty and sincerity. She will chart the right course and provide a clear focus for where the people and the state want to be and how to get there” the organization said.

Bestowing the Nigeria Association of Women Journalists’ Positive Thinker Award on her in Lagos, the organization said “Olejeme is the most suitable person to lead Delta State after the tenure of Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan”.

Mrs. Asabe Baba-Nahaya, Toro Oladapo and other prominent members of the association who spoke about Olejeme, extolled her leadership qualities and proven records of service.

The organization called on Governor Uduaghan and other prominent men in the state to give Dr. Olejeme the opportunity to demonstrate her commitment to the will and the welfare of the people.

The organization also advised women to rise to the challenge posed by men.

“The men must be willing to cede power to Olejeme in 2015, while they prepare for a more auspicious opportunity in the future”

In her acceptance speech, Olejeme said “the award will provide a tremendous lift to her”.

Represented by former majority leader, Delta State House of Assembly, Hon. Aneke Ifemeni, Olejeme told the gathering that nothing will deter her from redoubling her efforts.

“I must thank you for recognizing my thoughts, personality and contributions to Nigeria, particularly Delta State. Thank you for this award. Thank you for your support”.

She also thanked President Goodluck Jonathan for the number of women in top political jobs in the country.

“How can women achieve equal voice and equal participation in politics? We must promote women’s inclusiveness in politics. We must address traditional obstacles to women education. We must mobilize women for economic empowerment. We must eradicate illiteracy through mass adult literacy and schooling for girls. Women must have access to productive resources like land, credit and technology. We must re-educate Nigerian men towards women’s empowerment. We must apply knowledge, consciousness, strength, courage, faith and commitment to ensure gender parity in Nigeria,” she advised.

The award was the organization’s way of recognizing publicly the leadership capacity and contributions of Dr. Olejeme to Nigeria, particularly Delta State.

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